Bamboo Double-Edge Razor

The Sword | Bamboo Safety Razor

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The Pampered Gent double-edged razor combines fashion, functionality and eco-friendliness with a carved bamboo handle that stands out as an art piece in your daily shaving kit. Achieve your closest shave with a razor that stays sharp longer. Pair it with our natural shaving cream or soap to achieve glowing, soft skin.

  • Long handled razor to make shaving more comfortable (4.2 in)
  • Water and splinter resistant eco-friendly bamboo handle
  • Engineered from 100% recyclable material
  • Five premium double-edged razor blades included with each razor. Constructed from high-quality chromium-ceramic, tungsten and platinum for an excellent shave.

Why is a safety razor better?

If you are looking for an eco-friendly razor, our old-school constructed safety razor is what you need. This lightweight safety razor uses a single blade which prevents less clogging and a closer shave. Blades for this type of razor are also more affordable than those expensive cartridge refills. Five blades are included to get you started!

Why choose an eco-friendly razor?

Plastic razors may offer a decent shave, but they’ve proven to be horrible for our environment. Each year, nearly 2 billion plastic razors are disposed of which contributes to overflowing landfills. Plastic is polluting our planet including ecosystems and water supplies. The Pampered Gent safety razor showcases an eco-friendly bamboo handle (biodegradable) and a chrome two head plate (recyclable) making it more friendly to the environment than plastic versions.


Safety Razor: Bamboo, Stainless Steel, Chrome | Razor Blades: Chromium-Ceramic, Tungsten, Platinum