Our Owner


What goes on your body, goes in your body!

Jessica Davis is the creative mind and passionate innovator behind the GO Natural! brand. As a teenager, working in her mother’s fitness studio and testing out health and wellness products, she was introduced to the importance of a healthy lifestyle at a young age.

A few years ago, she struggled with losing weight and suffered through several doctors’ visits and random tests that didn’t provide any real results. She turned to a naturopathic approach and learned the truth about how the foods and products in her life were wreaking havoc on her body. Heavy metals, parasites and toxins were creating hormonal imbalances and preventing her from losing weight (among other illnesses). After the emotional discovery, she decided that enough was enough and eliminated all processed foods and commercial brand products from her family’s daily life. Seeing the immediate positive change in the health of her family, she began sharing through social media and teaching others how to create wholesome products for themselves. 

As an African American female entrepreneur, she is especially committed to educating others in Houston’s urban communities. Over and over the question was asked – "do you sell these products?". After sometime, Jessica realized that she could help so many more people beyond her four walls, so GO Natural! was born.

Moving forward, Jessica dreams of turning GO Natural! into a globally recognized brand that delivers the benefits of uniquely designed natural products on a massive scale. Currently, the company is in the process of releasing feminine hygiene products and recently launched specialty products for adults and children suffering with ADHD, ADD, PTSD, and autism. As GO Natural! expands, Jessica will continue her commitment in educating others and helping them transition to the use of natural products.