Beard Oil | Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Beard Oil | Jamaican Black Castor

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Originating from Africa, Black Castor Oil is derived naturally from the Castor Plant. Jamaican Black Castor Oil uses date back thousands of years ago where it was introduced to the Caribbean and revered as a majestic Beauty Agent. Black Castor Oil contains vitamins and minerals for all types of hair and skin. It’s particularly rich in Omega Essential Fatty Acids and other beneficial nutrients for a bright shine. Looking to upgrade your grooming routine with this Island delight? 

• Encourages hair growth and thickening
• Moisturizes and conditions skin and scalp
• Use as a pre-shave oil to minimize irritation
• Effective for split ends
• 100% natural

Product Info
Net Weight: 2 oz
Shelf Life: 1 year
Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil