Dual Sided Wooden Beard Comb

Beard Comb | Peach Wood (Double-Sided)

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Plastic combs generate static electricity, wreak havoc on your beard hair, and contribute to overflowing landfills. The Pampered Gent Peach Wood Beard Combs are static-free, sustainable, 100% biodegradable, and are a great way to reduce plastic waste.

Splinter free and water-resistant, these combs are not only eco-friendly, but are also attractive and remind us of what life was like before plastic combs.

100% biodegradable, compost or bury in the ground to dispose.

  • Ensures blood flow to the hair bulbs;
  • Reduces itching of the beard, promotes hair growth and keeps the beard soft and shiny; when exposed to hair, the comb is anti-static;
  • Made of solid timber, perfectly polished;
  • Wooden teeth smooth rough coils without creating protruding villi, as is often the case with plastic combs;
  • Double sided design – medium and fine teeth provide versatility for different beard types and lengths;
  • Helps evenly distribute beard oil, balm or wax;
  • Compact and lightweight design;
  • 100% eco-friendly and decomposable product material.